Integrating Six Sigma and ITIL

"A basic premise of Six Sigma is a focus on improvement efforts surrounding process, product or service performance that impacts the ultimate customer. This relationship is very similar to the relationship of services to the business and how those services are managed via the ITIL processes.
As we will explore throughout the paper, Six Sigma can have broad applicability to support the ITIL processes. As an example, the authors have worked with an organization which employed the Design for Six Sigma (DMADV) method to help in designing and implementing their ITIL processes. For this organization, a critical component of the process design was an assurance that the processes would function at a high level of quality when implemented.. We have also observed organizations using the DMAC approach when designing metrics to support Problem Management or their Continual Improvement initiatives."
The paper discusses the following:

  • Service Management and the need for improvement
  • Overview Of Six Sigma
  • Application of Six Sigma to ITIL concepts
  • Integrating Six Sigma and ITIL to Achieve Continual Service Improvement
  • Aligning Six Sigma to IT Service Management
  • Tips, Tricks and Traps

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