Managing the Business of IT

It can be argued that the CIO/IT Executive has been focused on operational stability or perhaps excellence - keeping the lights on, if we may. Consequently, Business Service Management (BSM) solutions have been deployed for good gains in service quality, flexibility and compliance and simultaneously reducing service cost.
This whitepaper argues that focus needs to shift to managing IT resources deployed to support these IT services. "By adding service resource planning solutions to your BSM solution portfolio, you can better plan and manage these resources. As a result, you can leverage these resources for maximum business value — both for your IT business and the wider business that IT serves."
This paper examines the following:

  • Why you need to manage IT as a business and how to do so
  • How to manage vendor contracts more efficiently to make better-informed decisions
  • What to look for in service resource planning solutions
  • How to reduce costs, improve service, and lower risk

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