Application Development

e-Book – Managing the Systems Life Cycle

This e-Book provides guidance on building and/or acquiring and deploying information systems in the enterprise. CIOs can learn about what it takes to manage the systems lifecycle and supporting disciplines such as project and program management, change management, and maintenance. (100 pages)<br />

Agile Methodology Guide

This comprehensive document provides in-depth guidance on the Agile Methodology. An excellent resource for the CIO who wants to implement Agile in the enterprise. (100 pages)

Systems Development Methodology Selection

This presentation discusses the systems development process, identifies factors driving efficiency and effectiveness, compares two major frameworks of development, and offers recommendations for the framework to use.&nbsp;

Managing the Software Development Process

This presentation discusses the strengths and limitations of two distinct approaches to managing the software development process with a view to understanding how best to approach this issue. The conclusion? Combine the best elements of the two!

World Quality Trends and Technologies Report

This quality report examines the latest trends in application quality – tools, methodologies and processes that help meet the quality challenges. This report examines the impact of the economic downturn on companies’ IT investments, emerging testing tools and technology, trends in QA outsourcing and emerging technologies such as cloud computing that might have an impact on quality going forward. Excellent Read!

Service Readiness

How often are Changes and/or Projects implemented without IT being involved? The process outlined in this presentation provides a mechanism to involve IT are the earliest stage in a Project/Change and maintain an involvement through to Implementation. This involvement includes signing off at each Gateway of the development.The details behind this process are available on request.

Systems Engineering Best Practices

This report offers guidance to implement successful system engineering practices that will lead to greater profitability and avoid the risks of excessive costs.