Application Portfolio Management Process

Case Study – Application Portfolio Management Methodology

This paper presents a framework and process to manage the application portfolio of large corporations. An excellent discussion for the CIO who wants to understand the issues underlying effective management of application portfolios and how to address them. Excellent Read!

Strategic Application Portfolio Management

This paper presents a strategic approach to application portfolio management recognizing the importance of strategy which drives applications and a roadmap that represents the transformation of the application portfolio over time. It discusses key concepts in application portfolio management and why APM is critical to an enterprise' prosperity over time. Excellent Read!

Case Study: Application Portfolio Rationalization Strategic Plan

This case study highlights the use of application portfolio rationalization to reduce total cost of ownership in context – APM/APR can be done alone but yield better results when implemented in conjunction with other activities. The resulting strategy and action plan can be used to chart your own course of action reducing IT spend and maximizing business benefits from IT.

A Framework For Application Portfolio Management

This paper describes a proven, quick and effective framework for application portfolio management. It describes the approach, step-by-step-process and illustrative templates used during the process. Good Read!

Application Portfolio Rationalization Roadmap

This excellent presentation defines application portfolio management, describes a step-by-step process to implement it, and provides an application portfolio rationalization roadmap to chart your journey.

Framework For Application Portfolio Rationalization

This paper presents a structured approach and framework for application portfolio rationalization. The purpose of effective application portfolio management (APM) is to make key decisions about enterprise applications – this framework assists in making these decisions in a structured, consistent and transparent manner. Very good read!