e-Strategy Editor's Choice

e-Book: Planning Your Digital Transformation

This e-book discusses the steps to digital transformation. Excellent advice for CIOs who want to understand what it takes to transform a business to compete in the digital age. Excellent Read! (70 pages) This e-book will help you create a roadmap for your digital transformation: What is digital transformation? What are the steps to transform…

Digital Disruption and the Future of Business

This report discusses what lies ahead for business so you can prepare in time to harness the future for competitive advantage. A C-Suite leader has a deep interest in the future – what is happening? what is going to happen? why is it going to happen? how does it change things? how do I ride this wave? CIOs can use this as conversational pieces or help their business leverage them! Excellent Discussion!

What is IT’s role in digital transformation?

This research delved into the role of IT department in digital transformation initiatives. When is IT involved in digital transformation projects? What role does the IT department play in a digital transformation project? Do outcomes vary – good or bad? – with the role played by IT in a digital transformation program? Good insights for the CIO to understand how to lead, follow, or get out of the way of the digital tsunami.

How to Develop Mobile Applications

This guide provides a comprehensive approach for development of mobile business applications. The technique described combines best<br />
practices for collaborative software lifecycle management with newer requirements unique to the creation of mobile applications.

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