Does e-Business Matter?

This presentation provides answers to some key questions on e-Business and then goes into e-Business models.

A primer on E-Metrics

Often we create a website or web presence and forget that it is for a business purpose or objective. Metrics or e-metrics in this case are what connects a website to business results.

e-Business Value – Metrics that Matter

  This paper presents key metrics to evaluate the performance of your e-business in pursuit of business value. More importantly, it connects them to the key concept in e-business – customer lifecycle. MUST Read!

Business Strategy and e-Business Models

An EXCELLENT presentation on the connection between business strategy and e-Business models. The presentation provides an in depth review of the key business models enabled by the internet and also uses the balanced scorecard to measure e-business performance.

e-Strategies: Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit

The toolkit has been prepared for e-government, however, it can become an invaluable part of your eStrategy process if you focus on the "big picture" and not get tangled in the proverbial weeds. Take a macro view to create an analogous toolkit for your organization. Excellent Read!

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