IT-As-A-Service: Achieving Financial Transparency

The goal of financial transparency is to show what T services cost. Intended for IT Leadership and IT Finance organizations, this whitepaper explores financial transparency and how to develop simple, fair and accurate chargeback/showback policies.

Creating the Trusted Cloud

This paper discusses the vision, expertise, experience, and technology to architect a foundation for trusted cloud.

Having a Backup Game Plan

This paper discusses how to go about making changes to an organization’s backup environment that will improve the business – there’s got to be a game plan.The paper is designed to help you understand the impact of backup transformation, what the key steps are that all organizations should consider before and during the journey.<br />

EMC Documentum Security – A Comprehensive Overview

This whitepaper discusses how the reliance on electronic information increases the need for security and why it is especially important to ensure a secure enterprise content management infrastructure. It details the core security features of EMC documentum content Server, the central component of Documentum Enterprise content management platform, and enhances security available through Documentum Trusted Content Services

Enhancing Data Integrity and Recoverability

This whitepaper discusses that no single mechanism is sufficient to ensure data integrity in a single storage system. It is only through cooperation of a multitude of mechanisms that establish successive lines od defense against all sources of errors that data recoverability can be assured. The paper focuses on four key elements of EMC’s Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture

IT as a Service Model: 10 Key Steps

This whitepaper discusses 10 key steps that will help guide an organization&#39;s journey in fully leveraging cloud computing and creating a more agile and relevant IT operation

Accelerating Big Data and Analytics

This whitepaper discusses a synergistic model for deploying Greeplum Data Computing Appliance with EMC IT’s existing Global Data Warehouse deployed on EMC IT’s Business Intelligence Grid Infrastucture

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