Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model

e-Book: Leading Practices in Enterprise Architecture

This e-book details research, projects, and case studies on cutting edge practices in enterprise architecture planning. An excellent resource for the CIO who wants to apply the best thinking on enterprise architecture to creating business value. (1,000 pages)

Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model

This paper presents an enterprise architecture maturity model that can be used by practitioners to continually evolve their organization's enterprise architecture to adapt to changes in their internal and external environment. (400+ pages)

Creating a World Class Enterprise Architecture

What ails enterprise architecture? Why do EA implementations fail to produce results? This whitepaper discusses best practices in enterprise architecture planning, and identifies specific issues with EA development that hinder successful implementation.

Enterprise Architecture Maturity Models

This presentation provides an overview of Enterprise Architecture Maturity Models – what are Enterprise Architecture Maturity Models? Why do we need them?&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">Who has them? Are they of value?</span>

IT Architecture Capability Maturity Model

This paper introduces an IT Architecture Capability Maturity Model (CMM) which provides a framework of key components of an effective IT Architecture process. This CMM presents an evolutionary model to improve IT Architecture process that starts out in an ad hoc state, transforms into an immature process, and then finally becomes a well-defined, disciplined, and mature process.