IT Governance Structure

Effective IT Governance Structure

This presentation discusses the role of IT governance in an effective IT Organization i.e. how does IT governance make an IT organization effective? The discussion centers on a definition of IT governance and its essentials including IT Governance structure. The presentation also provides examples of IT Governance structures.

IT Governance Sample

This information technology governance sample can be used as a template to create the IT governance structure, policies etc. to implement governance in your organization. Quick read and easy implementation example.

IT Governance Model Example

This presentation details a CIO's view of IT governance – what is it? why it is important? what are the critical success factors? – and a recommended approach and structure for IT Governance. Good Read!

IT Governance Structure Example

This presentation details the IT Governance approach, model and structure selected for implementation. This example can be used to create your own IT governance approach, structure and plan. Good Read!

Implementing IT Governance Structure Case Study

This presentation describes the implementation of IT governance structure at an educational institution – what is IT governance? Where to start with IT Governance? What are some lessons learned?