IT Governance White Papers

Application Portfolio Management in Practice

This white paper introduces application portfolio management and explains in detail how to use it as an IT Governance tool – the key connection is made with Enterprise Architecture Planning. Good Read!

Primer on Compliance

This white paper provides an introduction to compliance – what is compliance? why is compliance important? how to implement compliance in your organization? A good place for the CIO to start their journey into compliance and get ready to move beyond into risk management.

IT Governance 101: CIOs Guide to IT Governance

This whitepaper discusses the role of IT Governance in creating enterprise value, and introduces a framework to implement IT Governance. CIOs can follow the structured advice, and the framework to implement in their IT Organizations.

Implementing Change Management Using ITIL

This whitepaper describes a practical, and robust approach, and framework for IT Change Management using ITIL. This true and tried approach offers a defined, repeatable, cost effective, highly efficient and well documented IT service procedure.

A Framework For Application Portfolio Management

This paper describes a proven, quick and effective framework for application portfolio management. It describes the approach, step-by-step-process and illustrative templates used during the process. Good Read!

Application Portfolio Rationalization Case Study

A quick read case study on application portfolio rationalization at a large company. This summary describes the objectives, benefits, business case, approach, framework, key deliverables,

Application Portfolio Management Framework

This article describes a framework for application portfolio management. This framework uses both business and technology criteria to evaluate key applications in the enterprise portfolio and make decision about their disposition. Good tool for APM.

Making the Case for Applications Portfolio Management

This white paper helps make the case for application portfolio management by detailing the benefits of the method – improve support for operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. The use of vendor supplied tools for application portfolio management is also discussed.