IT Service Pricing

IT Pricing Models

This whitepaper discusses various price models for information technology (IT) services which can be used in a chargeback framework, and/or to run IT like a business. Very good discussion!

The Financial Perspective on Running IT Like a Business

This presentation discusses the financial considerations of running IT like a business – pricing, and cost allocation for IT services is a critical aspect of running IT like a business. What role does IT financial management play, how to develop the right pricing strategy, and how to allocate IT costs are discussed in this presentation.

Tool Selection for Running IT Like a Business

This whitepaper discusses tool selection for running IT like a business. CIOs are under pressure to demonstrate the value of IT. Running IT Like a business can help create and communicate the value of IT. A critical element of this strategy is IT service definition and pricing. CIOs need to select appropriate tools for this function. This whitepaper can help.

Step by Step Guide to Running IT Like a Business

This whitepaper takes the financial perspective on running IT like as business and details a step by step process to achieve the objective of running IT as a business. Define the services IT provides? Identify unit costs? Determine unit prices? Identify service consumption rates? Invoice the business and get paid!

Budget for an IT Strategy

This guide discusses Budgeting for an IT Strategy with a focus on calculating the true total cost of an initiative.

Best Practices for Shared Services Chargeback

This presentation discusses best practices for shared services chargeback – what is the objective? how to go about it? what are alternative models/frameworks/methodologies for chargeback? – with illustrative examples.

Effective IT Cost Management

This whitepaper discusses using enterprise architecture as a tool for information technology (IT) cost management.