Using Agile Methodology for Business Value Creation

This presentation discusses the creation of business value using the agile methodology – what is business value? how does business architecture create business value? what is agile? how to implement agile for business value? Excellent discussion.

How Can IT Enable Business Success?

This excellent presentation by a CIO provides a roadmap for IT success – clear undestanding of business needs, identify IT capability to meet those needs, seek appropriate level of funding for IT, and use IT to deliver business results consistently.

A Framework for Business Capability Alignment

This paper describes a holistic framework to connect strategy, processes, people, and technology to create business results. This "organizational alignment" provides a mechanism for complementary capabilities that combine to create unprecedented business value.

Strategic Information Technology Stakeholder Communication Example

This report provides a snapshot of information technology for key stakeholders – includes IT Strategy but also the organization design, industry and technology trends shaping IT, IT Governance, IT Roadmap etc. This is a critical piece of communication to key stakeholders on both the promise and delivery of value from their IT investments. Good Read!

What Determines the Success of Strategic IT Plan?

<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">This research study identified an organizational framework to assess the success of a strategic planning initiative – this framework is based on several factors each of which can have an impact on the success or failure of the initiative. Can one use this framework to predict the success of an IT strategic Plan? Read On.</span><br />

Strategic Planning Best Practice Guide

This guide to strategic planning details a steps-by-step approach to strategic planning with best practices at each step to make it a success. What is the objective of strategic planning? What are the prerequisites of and constraints to effective strategic planning? How to create an effective communication strategy for the strategic planning process?

Strategic Planning Best Practices

This article provides tips on strategic planning – for each step in the process. Best practices are listed for each step in the strategic planning process.

Running IT as a Business

This paper discusses running IT like a business for better business results from IT investments. The author argues that the concept of running IT like a business is not about just the financial considerations, it entails a comprehensive approach which…

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Using Agile Methodology for Business Value Creation

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