IT Vision

Information Technology Vision (IT Vision) Statement

This chapter provides information on Information Technology Vision (IT Vision). It will help you understand and apply the key concepts in creating a vision for IT.

An organization’s vision should communicate what the organization wants to be, to both internal and external audiences. A vision is a statement of self-worth. Its purpose is not only to motivate employees to take meaningful action, but also to give leadership a standard for monitoring progress. It also tells external audiences how your organization wishes to be viewed.

As CIO, it is your responsibility to craft a vision that your team, and the rest of the organization buys into. Your success as a leader, and the value your organization delivers is directly related to the quality of this vision statement.

Creating a Strategic Blueprint for IT

This comprehensive technology strategy plan provides an example of building a technology blueprint which acts as a guide to achieving organizational goals – identifying them and tracking progress against them. CIOs can use this example to learn about IT strategic planning and blueprinting. (150 pages)

Information Technology Strategic Plan Example

A complete and comprehensive IT strategic plan example that lays out a step by step IT strategic planning process, and then follows it to create the technology strategy for the enterprise. The document outlines the vision, mission, goals, principles, specifics projects and initiatives, and implementation plan to enable this strategic direction for the organization. (1,500+ pages) EXCELLENT READ!!

What is IT Transformation?

IT transformation is fashionable. Buzzwords generally are. This article answers a simple question: what is IT Transformation? Defining IT Transformation is critical to the success of any CIO and the IT Organization they lead.

Strategic Information Technology Stakeholder Communication Example

This report provides a snapshot of information technology for key stakeholders – includes IT Strategy but also the organization design, industry and technology trends shaping IT, IT Governance, IT Roadmap etc. This is a critical piece of communication to key stakeholders on both the promise and delivery of value from their IT investments. Good Read!

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