Project Portfolio Management Best Practices

Project Portfolio Management Best Practices Performance Trends

This research studied the connection between project performance, and PPM Maturity in an organization. It discusses frameworks for both project/program portfolio management maturity, and performance to highlight practices that work, and create value for the enterprise.

Measuring Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Success

Dude, where are my benefits? A CIO is sure to ask this question after the completion of a project or PPM initiative. This white paper helps you understand best practice process on how to identify, and measure the success of a project – what are the benefits accrued? how do we calculate them? It provides examples to illustrate the approach and help you implement it in your organization.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Tips and Tricks

If there was a single thing that Project Portfolio Management (PPM) must get right it is: right from the start i.e. getting the right projects to invest in. This ensures success without the waste associated with failed projects. So, how does a CIO ensure that they have selected the "right" projects? This paper discusses tips to project selection – use them to ensure that you pick only gems in your portfolio and deliver higher business value to the enterprise.

Common Mistakes in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Implementation

Project Portfolio Management aka PPM is designed to create business value. However, often it fails to deliver on this promise? Why? The author contends that PPM initiatives fail because they do not overcome specific challenges. This whitepaper details what those common pitfalls are and provides guidance on how to avoid them to ensure successful delivery of business value.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Best Practices

This presentation introduces Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and guides you through an implementation process. The author stresses the fact that PPM tools are important but they alone do not ensure success of your initiative – you must have the right skills to get the job done. What are the specific skills needed to ensure success? The presentation details each skillset required and how to source it.

Project Portfolio Management Best Practices

This paper defines project and program portfolio management (PPM), discusses its benefits to organizations, and defines critical success factors and best practices for the successful implementation and adoption of program portfolio management.

Beyond IT Governance and Project Portfolio Management

This paper argues that while project portfolio management (PPM) tools, templates, and techniques can create substantial business value, they must be combined with governance, and financial discipline to create the most business value for the organization. 

Project Portfolio Management Process

This document defines the project portfolio management process – the steps to follow to implement project or program portfolio management (PPM) in the enterprise. (50 pages)

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