Start smart. Your first step could make your journey!

More often than not, “first impressions” make all the difference. Your opportunity to make this critical “first impression” on an IT Strategy project is with the “kick off” communication. Are you hitting it spot on? Or, are you busily creating a disaster for yourself and your organization?

7 Signs of Trouble in Paradise

Ever wonder what happens when business and IT are not aligned? Well, like most other things in life, there are symptoms of misalignment. Monitoring them and analyzing them can help you avert disaster.

IT Strategy Template

This it strategy template lists the key components/sections of a strategic plan for information technology, and provides describes the content and requirements for each – so an organization can use this template to create their own IT Strategy. Also included is a tool to assess the effectiveness of an IT strategy. Excellent Read!

Putting IT Strategy in Context

Often, the emphasis is on creating an IT Strategy. Before you do, understand the context of IT Strategy i.e. what is its role and scope.

IT Strategy Framework

This presentation provides an excellent overview of IT Strategy with a focus on the need to develop one: create shareholder value by aligning IT investments with business needs. It introduces a framework for IT Strategy geared towards business IT alignment. Excellent Read!

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