The CIO Desk Reference

The CIO Toolkit provides information on 350+ IT Management topics. It is a free learning and research tool for CIO Index members.

About the CIO Toolkit

Thousands of Documents For Your Learning

The CIO Desk Reference provides information on 350+ IT Management topics. It is a free learning and research tool for CIO Index members.
CIO Desk Reference is organized along a CIO’s index of items. This index is divided into seven (7) domains corresponding with the seven key skills of CIO 3.0. Each domain, in turn, comprises of several chapters with each organized along the sixteen (16) competencies – specific areas of expertise that a CIO must develop to gain mastery of the topic – of the CIO Index Competency Framework.

CIO Toolkit Domains

IT Strategy

Aligning business with IT is the old paradigm. The new imperative is to fuse business with IT. CIO IT Strategy Index is organized to get you there.


The 21st Century CIO recognizes that this requires mastery well beyond servers and portals. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the business model.

IT Governance

Some think IT Governance is about "who does what." IT Governance is about making decisions that create and protect business value. Our IT Governance Index

Enterprise Architecture

Yesterday's CIOs had Enterprise Architects reporting to them. The 21st Century CIO has Enterprise Architecture at the core of the enterprise. Our Enterprise Architecture Index is organized to help you build the enterprise on a foundation – efficiently and effectively.

IT Sourcing

CIOs who think of service providers as “vendors” have a special place reserved in history books next to the chapter on dinosaurs. 21St Century CIOs managed an IT Organization without boundaries – this means partnership with service providers. IT Sourcing or Vendor

IT Operations

Once the “end all” of the CIO role, now an important component. How do you manage your infrastructure is important. How do you stay abreast of emerging trends such as open source, virtualization, green technologies is critical. Our IT Operations index helps you

CIO Career

Leadership is the key to today’s CIO’s success. But managing down is good; managing up and around is priceless. Our CIO Career index helps you lead.

CIO Competency Framework

CIO Index has developed a unique competency framework that defines the key elements that collectively define a competency. These elements are the management skills required for the competency:

Introduction: Define and describe the competency, in context
Guide: In depth knowledge of envisioning, designing, implementing, monitoring, and managing the competency
Process: Step by step process to implement the competency.
Framework: A model(s) to define the competency.
Case Study: Real life implementation of the competency.
Sample: Deliverables from a real life implementation of the competency
Template: Do it yourself aids to implement the competency.
Best Practice: Leading practices, gained from experience, that make the practice in the competency effective and efficient.
Maturity Model: A model that defines the progressive stages in the implementation of the competency. Each stage might be a complete implementation in of itself. However, the next stage holds the promise of higher value.
Assessment: Monitoring, and tracking the value delivered by the competency. It can relate to the maturity model but the focus is on value not process.
Implementation: Real life considerations to implement the competency.
Metric: A system or standard used to measure the effectiveness and/or efficiency of the competency
Business Case: What value does this provide? How to communicate this value and gain buy-in of key stakeholders
Tool: Software, or other aids used at any stage of the competency
Governance: Capability used to monitor, and control the competency
Organization: Structure, skills, roles, and responsibilities required in the practice of the competency
CIO Index is organized to help you identify, select, fund, build and maintain value. So, come on in – learn, share and interact. Your index awaits.