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Enterprise Architecture Planning Course

Course Overview

Would you live in a house that has not been architected? Enterprise Architecture is to an business what architecture is to a house. However, developing an Enterprise Architecture without proven frameworks and tools is an exercise in futility. The Intro to Enterprise Architecture online training course describes what constitutes a "good enough" Enterprise Architecture and introduces proven methods to quickly develop one.

Developed by Infomajic, this in-depth course explains how many Fortune 50 companies use Enterprise Architecture to achieve business success. The program is led by Jane Carbone , a thought leader, management consultant, author and trainer with over 25 years experience developing Enterprise Architecture. Her audio narration guides you through more than 200 slides that show you, step-by-step, how to develop an Enterprise Architecture. In addition to the online course, which you can take at your own pace and convenience, you'll also receive a PDF version of the presentation, plus a certificate of completion.

Learn a Proven Framework For Enterprise Architecture Planning

This course discusses the "how to" of developing an Enterprise Architecture in a time-and-cost effective way. It teaches frameworks and methods that are:

  • Quantitative Intro to Enterprise Architecture  takes Enterprise Architecture from a nebulous concept to a business effort that can be measured, charted and understood.
  • Practical The course drills down to the practical construction of an Enterprise Architecture
  • Implementable Techniques explained enable easy implementation of EA.
  • Easy to Use Jane Carbone gets to the answers quickly and effectively.

Learn EA Planning Concepts That Drive Business Results

Whether you head up the IT department, the finance group, or the entire company, your primary focus is on creating value for the business. Information technology is only a means to that end. The objective of this course is to create a foundation for an IT infrastructure that supports the business.

This approach to Enterprise Architecture supports an effective and efficient IT capability, which in turn, drives business results.

The course answers critical questions like:

  • What is Enterprise Architecture?
  • Why is an Enterprise Architecture essential for business success?
  • What are the steps to create an Enterprise Architecture?
  • How do we implement this new Enterprise Architecture?
  • Are there tools and techniques available that can facilitate this journey?

Course Instructor

I am a consultant, author and trainer with 35+ years experience in Information Technology. I have developed and used the Enterprise Architecture Toolkit methodology to conduct architecture assessments, develop enterprise and data architectures, IT strategies, data models, organization designs and implementation project plans for banking/financial services, government agencies, IT HR and telecomm firms.


Earn a certificate of completion and recognition:

Get recognized by the world's largest professional network for CIOs.

  • Certificate: Receive a certificate recognizing high achievement in one of more areas. (Example)
  • Badge: A badge displaying this subject matter expertise is displayed on your profile
  • CIO Expert: Your listing in the CIO Experts Directory displays a certified markup as a sign of distinction


Participants have different options to access this course

Self-Paced Online

Instructor has recorded their lectures on PowerPoint slides that are available for access using a web browser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Pick a time that works for you, log in to the training portal and access the course content. Complete the course at your leisure - participants have 90 days access to complete the course.

Instructor Led Online

Courses can be taken in the form of a seven-week workshop featuring live sessions. Participants can attend a live classroom setting using Citrix’s GoToWebinar. We will send participants a link to the sessions after they have enrolled in the workshop.

The first six weeks, each session will include a lecture and have time for questions and answers. Some weeks, we might have two lectures because there is a lot to cover and 90 minutes might not be sufficient. We will give you a thirty minute break between the sessions to take a breather.

  • Live Sessions are scheduled on weekends so your work doesn't stop while you learn
  • Live sessions are scheduled for two days in every week to accommodate different time zones
    • Friday Session: 8:00 P.M. - 9:30 P.M. (US EST) (Participants from New Zealand and Australia and Western US will find this suitable)
    • Saturday Session: 11: 00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. (US EST) (Participants from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia (excluding New Zealand and Australia) will find this time suitable)
  • Participants can attend either of these sessions because they will cover the same material. If you are so inclined, feel free to attend both sessions - we don't mind!
  • These times might be adjusted to suit participants in a given workshop.
  • These sessions may be recorded so participants can review them on demand.

Week Seven is for final presentations. Each participant will have the opportunity to present their IT Strategic Plan to their peers who are encouraged to provide feedback on both the substance and style of the presentation.

On-Demand Access to IT Strategy Course

In addition to these live sessions, participants will have access to the IT Strategy Course material online. You can hear pre-recorded lectures at your convenience. A link with access information will be sent to participants after enrollment.

On-Demand Access to CIO Toolkit

IT Strategy Workshop Participants will have access to the CIO Toolkit which is the world's most comprehensive reference on IT Management and will be used extensively throughout this workshop.

Access to Private Discussion Groups

We have assigned a private group for up-to 12 participants in each workshop. These groups will be used to have discussions on topics that cannot be had in live sessions. Participants are free to interact with each other outside of groups and lectures - we hope they will!

Create an IT Strategic Plan for Your Organization

We believe that the best learning happens when we apply it to a real world problem facing us. Consequently, each week participants will work on an assignment. Each assignment builds a piece of the strategic planning puzzle - from vision to communication plan. The final assignment, due at the end of the seven (7) weeks, complies all these pieces incorporating feedback from the instructor and their peer-group.


Self-Paced Grade Breakdown

Final Exam


Instructor Led Grade Breakdown





Final Exam


Frequently Asked Questions

The Toolkit is a set of practical, simplified frameworks and methods for assessing, constructing and implementing enterprise architecture.

The infomajic Toolkit uses three frameworks for enterprise architecture. The frameworks are consistent with, but simpler than the Zachman Framework. They focus on the “upper rows” and provide methods for developing the outputs associated with the “cells.” The Toolkit also addresses strategies for implementing target architecture. The approach is very practical—it’s based on experiences as chief architect.

Yes. The Toolkit includes a Framework for Implementation, which addresses strategies and practices for successfully gaining business and IT buy-in, and includes descriptions of key architecture processes and roles.

The course teaches a step-by-step approach to translating architecture to manageable projects—how to identify, select and “downsize” architecture projects to promote success.

Using the Architecture Framework, we discuss what the critical outputs are—principles, models, inventory and standards—and include specific methods for developing them. Examples and exercises allow you to practice using them.

Having wrestled with this problem, we developed the Business Framework and methods for translating business needs to architecture outputs. The toolkit also addresses financial considerations and measurement development to tightly link architecture with the business.

General course questions such as "How do I pay for this course?" or "What technology is utilized in this course?" are answered on our overall course FAQ page. If your question is not visible there, please feel free to contact us.
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Enterprise Architecture Planning

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