cobit framework

A Primer on COBIT 5 Framework

This presentation provides an in-depth overview of the COBIT Framework. CIOs can learn about key concepts, why is the framework important for governance in the enterprise, and how to implement it in their organization. Excellent Read! (70 pages) This introduction to the COBIT Framework will help you understand the following: What is the COBIT Framework?…

An Introduction to the COBIT Framework

This presentation provides an introduction to ISACA's COBIT Framework. An excellent look at the internals of the framework and how it helps IT governance, and control. Good place for a CIO to start their journey into the world of COBIT.

Introduction to COBIT

This document presents an introduction to the COBIT framework – what is COBIT? Why is COBIT important? How to get more information on COBIT? Although this document is dated, it provides invaluable information on this important IT Governance framework. Good Read!

Cobit Overview

An in-depth overview of the COBIT framework for IT governance. Excellent Read!

COBIT 5 Overview

This presentation provides a quick
overview of the key features and concepts of ISACA's COBIT 5

COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model Guide

This presentation provides in-depth
introduction and guidance on implementing the COBIT 5 Process
Assessment Model (PAM) – capability maturity based assessment,
identification of gaps, and implementation steps transform IT to
COBIT 5 Standards of excellence. (100 pages)

Risk Management Using COBIT 5

This presentation discusses using the
COBIT 5 Framework for risk management – what is COBIT 5? What are the
benefits in using COBIT 5 for risk management? How can COBIT 5 be
used for Risk Management? How to use COBIT 5 enablers with risk
scenarios? How does COBIT 5 relate to other risk management

Migrating to COBIT 5 Framework

This presentation introduces the key
concepts in the COBIT 5 Framework, discusses the audit perspective on
the framework, and presents the steps needed to perform governance,
and risk assurance using COBIT 5.