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Creating a Business Case for Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Driven Business Transformation

This paper presents an excellent discussion on enterprise architecture enabled business transformation. It presents a theoretical perspective on business transformation – what is it? why is it important? how to go about it? what drives transformation? what are its challenges? – and the role enterprise architecture plays in successful transformation. Excellent Read! (50+ pages)

Why Enterprise Architecture

This presentation makes a case for enterprise architecture planning – why is enterprise architecture important?

Gaining Competitive Advantage through Enterprise Architecture

The author makes a business case for enterprise architecture – EA creates competitive advantage for the business; EA Maturity matters; EA’s impact is increasing; To be effective EA must move beyond IT; EA forces a fundamental rethinking of business IT alignment.

Creating Business Value through Enterprise Architecture

This is a global study on the business value of enterprise architecture – do business executives consider EA critical to business value? Does EA maturity level vary by organization? Is business value related to EA maturity level? How can companies improve business value delivery through their enterprise architecture efforts?

Maximizing Your SOA Investment

This paper discusses the business case for the service oriented architecture (SOA) investment – "it provides the dynamic capability to create innovation for managing change and empowering competitive advantage."

Delivering Business Value Through Enterprise Architecture

This white paper provides an overview of enterprise architecture’s role in the enterprise transformation process: common definitions, frameworks and views, the EA linkage to solution architectures and service-oriented architectures, the business value of EA and a summary of implications that EA imposes on successful software development.

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