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enterprise architecture as strategy

Creating Business IT Alignment Using Enterprise Architecture

This document set (14 presentations; 500+ pages) discusses how to create value using information technology. The centrality of three concepts – innovation, business model, and enterprise architecture – is highlighted in the context of emerging technologies such as big data, and digital payments etc. Excellent Read!

Enterprise Architecture Role in Strategic Assessment

Business strategies are implemented with great expectations that are often belied. Can enterprise architecture planning provide a tool to assess the implementation and success of a business strategy? This paper explores this topic with specific strategies being implemented and enterprise architecture used to assess their success.

Enterprise Architecture For Business Success

This paper explores the use of enterprise architecture planning to realize business value. The authors use the DeLone and McLean model of IS success to propose an enterprise architecture framework that focuses on service quality and actual use as the two critical success factors for business value creation. This EA framework was applied to two major corporations as case studies to prove its applicability and value to the business.

Linking Enterprise Architecture and Balanced Scorecard

The authors make the case for linking enterprise architecture and balanced scorecard to demonstrate the business value creation over time. The corporate BSC can then direct EA objectives and activities to create business value for the enterprise.

Enterprise Architecture Example

This document is an enterprise architecture strategy, design and plan report that can be used as an example to create an EA Plan for your organization. Excellent Read! (250 pages)

Enterprise Architecture As Strategy

This paper explores the use of enterprise architecture in business strategy. Enterprise architecture planning is critical to business strategy – from formulation to implementation and control. How does enterprise architecture assist in this task? Read On 

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