Enterprise Architecture Business Value

e-Book: Leading Practices in Enterprise Architecture

This e-book details research, projects, and case studies on cutting edge practices in enterprise architecture planning. An excellent resource for the CIO who wants to apply the best thinking on enterprise architecture to creating business value. (1,000 pages)

e-Book: Enterprise Architecture Business Value

This research explores the business impact of enterprise architecture – where and how does EA add value to the enterprise? does this impact vary by the type of organization? how does constant change – both internal and external – affect the efficacy of EA? CIOs must understand the relationship between enterprise architecture and business value creation before you can really deploy this strategic weapon to its full capability. Excellent Read! (150 Pages)

Framework for Enterprise Architecture Value

This presentation proposes a framework, and approach to measure, and communicate the value of enterprise architecture planning. Enterprise Architects, and even CIOs must know how to measure the value of EA so they can communicate it effectively and get organizational buy-in which can make the difference between success and failure of the EAP program.

Enterprise Architecture Driven Business Transformation

This paper presents an excellent discussion on enterprise architecture enabled business transformation. It presents a theoretical perspective on business transformation – what is it? why is it important? how to go about it? what drives transformation? what are its challenges? – and the role enterprise architecture plays in successful transformation. Excellent Read! (50+ pages)

A Guide to Enterprise Architecture Planning

This guide presents a framework for enterprise architecture planning, and a step by step approach to implement it in the enterprise. An excellent resource for the CIO to understand what enterprise architecture is, why is it important and how to implement it using a structure methodology.

Enterprise Architecture For Business Success

This paper explores the use of enterprise architecture planning to realize business value. The authors use the DeLone and McLean model of IS success to propose an enterprise architecture framework that focuses on service quality and actual use as the two critical success factors for business value creation. This EA framework was applied to two major corporations as case studies to prove its applicability and value to the business.

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