enterprise architecture governance process

Case Study: Enterprise Architecture Governance

This case study introduces the use of enterprise architecture governance – structure, and processes – for business results. Does embedding enterprise architecture governance into business and IT processes improve its effectiveness? Does it improve EA efficiencies? Read On!

CIO’s Guide to Enterprise Architecture Planning

This in-depth guide to enterprise architecture planning provides guidance on almost all aspects of designing, and implementing an enterprise architecture. What is enterprise architecture planning? Why is enterprise architecture planning important? What are some common enterprise architecture frameworks? How to implement enterprise architecture step-by-step? What is enterprise architecture governance? How to implement enterprise architecture governance? What are the key roles in enterprise architecture? (300 Pages)

Enterprise Architecture Tool Kit

Enterprise Architecture Development Tool-Kit guides in the definition, development, utilization, maintenance, and institutionalization of an enterprise architecture program supported by stakeholders of all levels, from the executive to the user. The Tool-Kit addresses Architecture Governance, Business, Information, Technology and Solution Architectures. (900 pages)

Investment Prioritization and Planning

"Picking the Best Projects The way to have an impact, as an IT professional, is to bring ideas to the table that solve business problems, and explain them in ways that show business impact"

Effective SOA Governance

This presentation defines service oriented architecture (SOA) governance and discusses its value proposition.

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