Enterprise Architecture Governance

Managing Enterprise Architecture for Value

The objective of governance is to ensure delivery of business value. Enterprise Architecture Governance aims to do just that – ensure delivery of business value through an enterprise architecture program. CIOs need to work with their business partners in identifying business objectives and ensure their delivery using an enterprise architecture program. This periodic assessment is part of a continuous process, conducted by a disinterested third parties, and results communicated to key stakeholders. Most importantly, mid course corrections made to both the EA initiative and all programs downstream.

This week, we are referring you to an excellent report that details an enterprise architecture assessment that can help you devise a program that works for your organization.

Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment Example

Creating an Enterprise Architecture Capability

This presentation discusses the creation of an enterprise architecture capability in the enterprise. Excellent discussion for the CIO who wants to maximize the value of enterprise architecture in their organization. (100+ pages)

Enterprise Architecture Governance Sample

This discussion explores the factors that drive enterprise architecture success. It proposes that enterprise architecture fails because of a focus on deliverables and not on their use in creating value. An excellent discussion for CIOs to follow. (450 pages)

Enterprise Architecture Example

This comprehensive example details the creation of an enterprise architecture plan. CIOs can use this as a template to understand how to create an enterprise architecture in their organization. (150 pages)

Enterprise Architecture in IT Governance

What role does enterprise architecture play in IT Governance? How do the roles and responsibilities in enterprise architecture connect with those in IT Governance? This paper discusses these questions. 

Introduction to Strategy Driven Enterprise Architecture Planning

This presentation set provides an in-depth introduction to enterprise architecture planning in support of enterprise strategy implementation. It covers all key aspects of enterprise architecture as strategy – definition, benefits, frameworks, tools, maturity model, integration, implementation…(200 Pages) Excellent Read! 

Aligning TOGAF and ITIL

This white paper discusses the overlap and differences between TOGAF and ITIL frameworks. This discussion will help you understand the implications of using one or the other alone and why using them together might produce superior business value.

An Integrated IT Governance Framework

This paper presents an integrated IT Governance framework that aligns key concepts of enterprise architecture with those of IT service management. The author argues that true business benefits cannot be realized with ITSM/ITIL or EA alone – they must be used in conjunction with each other to ensure business results.

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