Enterprise Architecture

Primer on Business Architecture

This presentation provides an indepth look at business architecture. CIOs can learn about business architecture and how to use it to align business with IT. Excellent Read! (70+ pages) This overview of business architecture will help you understand: What is business architecture? Why is business architecture important? What are the essential components of business architecture?…

What is Enterprise Architecture?

CIOs can learn about enterprise architecture frameworks in the context of essential enterprise architecture elements required to implement business strategy.

SOA Best Practices

This presentation details best practices to enable effective and efficient SOA implementation.

Comprehensive Enterprise Architecture Sample

CIOs can gain a lot from the experience of their peers. For instance, practical examples of enterprise architecture in action can help guide your own program.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent enterprise architecture planning sample. This EA supports one of the most complicated organizations in the world. Their experience developing and using this architecture can be of help to your own EA initiative.

Download EA Sample