Topic: it governance framework sample

IT Governance Framework Example

This document presents a model for the governance of Information Technology. CIOs can use this IT Governance framework as an example to implement IT governance in their own organizations.

Sample IT Governance Model

This document presents a framework for the governance of Information Technology. CIOs can use this sample IT Governance model as a template to implement IT governance in their own organizations.

Information Technology Governance Implementation Example

This report explores the effectiveness and efficiency of the information technology governance approach, structure and implementation in meeting the organization's objectives i.e. does IT Governance create business value? This IT Governance sample and its effectiveness can help as a template or example for your organization to design/modify its own IT Governance approach. Excellent Read!

IT Governance Model Example

This presentation details a CIO's view of IT governance – what is it? why it is important? what are the critical success factors? – and a recommended approach and structure for IT Governance. Good Read!

IT Governance Structure Example

This presentation details the IT Governance approach, model and structure selected for implementation. This example can be used to create your own IT governance approach, structure and plan. Good Read!

IT Major Program Governance Example

This IT governance plan details the roles and responsibilities, organization structure, and key processes to govern a major IT program.

Editor's Picks

Sample IT Strategy Plan

A good IT Strategy Plan that you can use as a template to create your own.

IT Strategy Presentation

This in-depth – 78 pages – presentation goes into just about everything you would have wanted to know about IT Strategy aka business IT alignment (ICT Strategy, IS strategy, IS strategic alignment, IT Alignment, strategic information systems planning (SISP)…)

IT Strategy Example

This is an in-depth information technology strategic planning example that details the process and framework that CIOs can adapt to give direction to their own IT Organizations. Excellent Read!! (200 pages)

IT Strategy Template

Use this template to create an IT strategic plan for your organization – aligning business with IT strategy. IT Strategy Template can be downloaded for free by CIO Index members.