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talent management

Are you the weakest link?

Only 15 percent of this year’s U.S. college graduates want to work for a large-size company. Just 12 percent want to work in the communications industry, 11 percent in electronics and high tech, 10 percent in finance/ banking, and just 4 percent in energy and 2 percent in insurance. What are you going to do about that?

Empowering Employees to Innovate

This tool provides a way for employees to suggest ideas for improvement (a new market to go into, a new product to sell, or a new way of doing business). Using a simple template, it asks for five pieces of information that are important in evaluating whether the idea has merit.

How Should Leaders Manage Today’s People Challenges?

This report explores how business and HR leaders view today’s most significant people challenges – and what they’re doing about it. It raises some interesting issues that should encourage a healthy discussion on how leaders can collaborate to tackle these challenges.

Engage Employees and Boost Performance

 "The more difficult challenge for companies is capturing the hearts and minds of good, reliable employees who are not stars but who are significantly more productive when engaged."

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