virtualization best practice

Virtualization and Security

This presentation provides an introduction to virtualization, virtualization architecture, key risks with virtualization, specific audit concerns and recommendations for evaluation of a virtualized environment.

Virtualization Challenges

This whitepaper discusses the things to consider before taking the plunge into virtualization – because "Collapsing multiple physical devices into software affects the<br /> people and processes supporting the data center. Therefore, enterprises should thoroughly evaluate how business processes, administrative rights, capacity planning, performance monitoring tools and security strategies will need to change."

Virtualization 2.0

This whitepaper makes the case for manageability as a cornerstone of Virtualization. The authors contend that Virtualization 1.0 – that is how the story started! – was about maximizing functionality of shared infrastructure. Virtualization 2.0 is about performance i.e. squeezing the last drop out of virtual infrastructure so the focus should be on monitoring and management solutions.

A Practical Guide to Virtualization

This whitepaper discusses the drivers compelling organizations to pursue virtualization as a solution, describes the benefits of virtualization, and demonstrates network virtualization in action.

The Business Case for Virtualization

This whitepaper discusses the benefits of virtualization – creating a business case for virtualization and knowing the value points can make all the difference!

A Guide to Virtualization Solutions

This guide provides a definition of virtualization, key categories of virtualization and discusses key technologies to enable virtualization in the enterprise.

Implementing Virtualization

&#160;A six-step guide to virtualization implementation for a more efficient, reliable, and flexible data center.

Open Source Virtualization

&#160;Virtualization case study with implementation tips and tricks, potential pitfalls and recommendations for smooth migration.

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