Career Progression for CIOs

This paper discusses the skills and capabilities that help a CIO’s career progression. What do you need to do to go from “career is over” to “career ever ascendant?” Read On!

Case Study: How to Manage an Aging Workforce?

This case study explores the misalignment between organizational priorities and worker needs. Excellent discussion for the CIO who wants to understand how organizational success depends on bridging this gap, and how to bridge it.! (350+ pages)

CIO Job Description Example

A sample position description describing the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and its responsibilities.

How to Improve Employee Engagement?

A frustrated employee is not productive. A satisfied employee is. How should an organization use its limited – and ever shrinking – budgets to improve employee job satisfaction and morale? Here is a recipe for employee engagement.

Implementing Effective Performance Management

This paper discusses the role of communications in creating a culture of performance. The authors argue that when employees understand their goals they perform exceptionally and this is the cornerstone of an effective performance management program in an organization.

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