e-Business Case Study

Why do e-Businesses Fail?

This paper analyzes the causes of e-Business failure and forcefully argues that it wasn’t just the lack of business models that caused the demise. It was "fatal attraction" that tripped up the upstarts – and will cause you to fail should you not learn from history! <br />
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What, you ask, is "fatal attraction" in the world of e-Business?

Introduction to eBusiness

This is an excellent presentation on eStrategy – what is it and how to formulate it. However, the best part is the case studies on IBM, Charles Schwab etc. that are used to present concepts. Let the professor take you on the eBusiness journey…

Case Study: Developing an eBusiness Strategy

It is well established that eBusiness influences its environment. How does the environment influence eBusiness is not as well understood. This excellent discussion factors in both when developing an eStrategy. MUST Read!

Impact of eStrategy on Supply Chain

This paper argues that the impact of online pharmacies will be greater on the information supply chain than on the physical supply chain for pharmaceutical products and that an effective strategy for online pharmacies will focus on the provision of information to the customer and building net enabled models that offer competitive advantage.

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