Why do e-Businesses Fail?

1990s has been described as the "go-go" decade - where "irrational exuberance" took hold of people who behaved as if law of gravity - or any other law for that matter - did not apply to the business world. This decade began with gravity firmly kicking in albeit only to the world of e-Business. (Unfortunately, addicts always find another substance to abuse and mortgage backed was the new thing in town. But we digress)
Now, after the "too big to fail" have failed, shall we revisit why e-Businesses failed in our not so distant past? Are there lessons learnt that can be applied to our e-Business adventure here and now?

This paper analyzes the causes of e-Business failure and forcefully argues that it wasn't just the lack of business models that caused the demise. It was "fatal attraction" that tripped up the upstarts - and will cause you to fail should you not learn from history!

What, you ask, is "fatal attraction" in the world of e-Business?
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