eBusiness Strategy

CIO’s Guide to the Digital Enterprise

Expert opinions, examples, and best practices to help the CxO build an enterprise that can not only compete but also dominate its industry through digitization.

e-Book: Digital Customer Experience

Customer experience has gained even more importance in the digital age. CIOs must understand how to create positive interactions that drive customer loyalty.

Part 1 – Executive’s Guide to Digital Transformation

This compendium or papers discusses key aspects of business transformation required to harness the power of digital disruption. Excellent advice for the business leader leading the charge on digital transformation or one who is advising and assisting. MUST Read! Part…

Sample: Digital Business Strategy

This document details a simple but clear strategic plan for digital transformation. Good example for the CIO to follow to create a digital strategy for their own organization.

e-Book: e-Business Operating Model

This e-book discusses the requirements for a new operating model for digital transformation and how to implement it effectively and efficiently.

e-Book: Digital Disruption of Mass Communications

This e-book discusses how the Internet has disrupted mass communications and the lessons learned from this transformation. These lessons must be grasped by those outside the media industry for they apply universally! (150 pages)

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