Enterprise Mobility

e-Book – CIO’s Guide to Mobility

This series of papers helps the CIO navigate the complex world of mobility, and harness its power to drive business value. The study of mobility is much more than mobile applications, and network architecture, it must focus on business model innovation. Mastery over the promise of mobility can propel a CIO from the head of IT to a business leader who drives business value. (150 pages) Excellent Read!  

The Mobile Enterprise

This whitepaper presents a vision for the future of mobile technology in the enterprise – how will enterprise mobility enhance customer relationships, foster collaboration, streamline operations, increase productivity, enable better and faster decisions, and reduce costs. An excellent starting point for CIOs to begin their enterprise mobility journey or to mold it in the right direction.

CIOs Guide to Enterprise Mobility

CIOs are neck deep in enterprise mobility implementation and control. How many have a vision and strategy for the mobile enterprise? This whitepaper helps you create a vision for mobilizing your business by identifying the drivers for mobility and benefits in its adoption, illustrating the success of mobility strategy through case studies, revealing key challenges to implementation, and providing a framework to create your own mobility strategy.  An excellent resource for the CIO on the move to mobility – or one who wants to re-align strategy.

End User Experience in Enterprise Mobility

This whitepaper discusses the critical importance of end user experience in the vision, strategy, design and deployment of enterprise mobility. What are the critical elements of end user experience? How should an enterprise mobility strategy factor in these elements to deliver an optimal solution that integrates all aspects of enterprise connectivity?

A Strategic Approach to Enterprise Mobility

This paper discusses a strategic approach to enterprise mobility – what are the key drivers of enterprise mobility? how do e-business models affect enterprise mobility strategy? how to make the build-versus-buy decision in enterprise mobility? – to create a competitive advantage for the business.

Developing an Enterprise Mobility Strategy

This guide introduces a best practice based approach to develop an enterprise mobility strategy. First, it introduces the current state of enterprise mobility – who