IT Operations Editor's Choice

e-Book: Artificial Intelligence in Action

This e-book discusses the use of artificial intelligence in solving real life business problems. An excellent discussion for the CIO who wants to understand how to use AI in their organization. (40 pages)

e-Book: Artificial Intelligence and Economy

This e-book discusses the use of artificial intelligence for economic growth. CIOs, as business leaders, must understand the big picture of business and how specific disruptive technologies are shaping the landscape around them. (60+ pages)

Five Steps to Cybersecurity

This document provides a five step process to secure the enterprise from cyber attacks. Written for senior executives it can serve as a guide to address cybersecurity risks at your organization. CIOs can apprise themselves of industry standards, best practices, and an effective process used for cybersecurity.

An Open Architecture For Cloud Computing

This presentation presents an architecture for cloud computing based upon Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Virtualization. Good Discussion for the CIO to understand how to create a dynamic infrastructure built upon the cloud. (50 Pages)

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