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How to Create an IT Roadmap?

Lying at the intersection of IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, and Project Portfolio Management, a roadmap is an invaluable tool in transforming innovation into value. Usually, a visual depiction of this journey to business value.

Arguably, a strategic plan is incomplete without a well thought out roadmap (and a dashboard?). Isn’t a roadmap really a visual depiction of a strategic plan? No matter which side of this debate your opinion falls, it is good to understand how to create meaningful roadmaps.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to some sound advice on crafting effective roadmaps.

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CIO Minute is in production now!

CIO Minute enters production today! We have been beta testing features for a while now. Hope you find it helpful in your journey!

What is CIO Minute?

CIO Minute curates news, blogs, articles, research, case studies, etc. from around the web. The focus is on providing insights invaluable to a business-technology leader aka CIO 3.0.

What sources are aggregated?

The sources are handpicked marquee names in business and technology management and leadership. This is a live list i.e. we add sources as they are discovered. Here are a few examples:

  1. Harvard Business Review
  2. [email protected]
  3. MIT Technology Review
  4. Innovation Management
  5. CIO Insight Magazine

The service is open and automated but edited.

How do I access CIO Minute?

CIO Minute articles are included in the CIO community activity feed and on the CIO Minute Page

How to suggest a source?

Please drop us a line. Please make sure that this source provides knowledge and insight of use to a CIO 3.0 – our focus is on business leadership!

Please make sure to include the following:

  • Name of the source
  • Website of the source
  • RSS feed URL of the source

Yes, you can submit your own blog or website to this mix. We will link the posts to your user profile so they appear under your name. There is NO charge to be included.

What comes next?

We will be adding events soon.


We hope you will find CIO Minute helpful in your journey!


Introduction to IT Strategy Online Event

As promised, we are starting a series on IT Strategy: How to create a strategic plan for IT. This multi part series will cover key aspects of strategic planning for information technology – just about everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask  😉

The first event in this series is on – surprise!! – introducing IT strategy. We will define the term and make connections important to understanding the big picture. This event is open to our members ONLY. Non-members may purchase a ticket to attend the event.

I will post follow up events shortly – we plan on having one every two weeks or so.

These events are interactive – presentation and discussions – so we are restricting seating to 15 only. First come, first served.

Please send your questions ahead of time so we can address them.


If you miss the live event, feel free to view the recording. Well, you will miss the opportunity to network so attending live may be more meaningful.

Group Discussion

There are two ways you can continue the discussion before and after the event. Join the IT Strategy affinity group which is open to all or the IT Strategy SIG (Special Interest Group) which is restricted to members only.

Earn A Certificate

Our training participants can take a quiz and upon passing (at least 80% points scored) get credit towards a certificate in IT Strategy. Please note that this is ONLY ONE part of the certification requirement.

Well, I am super stoked about this series and look forward to a lively discussion with you all!

Let me know if you have any questions!

What is cloud computing?

Strategy and the quest for business leadership has confused CIOs but only those who think that IT operations take a back seat to IT Strategy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Nothing could be more damaging to your career. If anything, IT Operations are Job No 1 for a CIO. They are the foundation of a successful IT capability and by extension your career! If the email doesn’t work, users cannot login to systems, or the servers are always down, cutting edge strategic thinking is of no use.

Cloud computing is the shiny new tool of IT Operations. Overlook the hype and still cloud computing shines – CIOs must master the fundamentals of cloud computing, understand its potential, master its capabilities, and craft a strategy for its use.

Toward that end, this week are starting a series on the fundamentals of cloud computing. It will walk you through the key concepts to lay the foundation of a successful cloud strategy. Hope you will find it helpful in your journey!

e-Book: What is Cloud Computing?

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