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The Inspirational Leader

One of the key responsibilities of a leader is the motivate their team. Fail to do this and your mission fails. Succeed at this and you get ordinary people do extraordinary things. I consider this skill to be a foundational skill of leadership because motivated employees not only perform better but also have a better attitude that propels those around them into a higher performance orbit. Not to mention the massive benefits of employee retention etc.

CIOs must pick up this skill if they want to transform themselves into business leaders. There is no way around it!

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent discussion on inspiring people – why does it matter, how to do it, and what results it can produce for you

e-Book: The Inspirational Leader

Career Progression for CIOs

This paper discusses the skills and capabilities that help a CIO's career progression. What do you need to do to go from "career is over" to "career ever ascendant?" Read On!

Defining the Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

One of the topics we are following this year is the rise of the chief digital officer (CDO) and how does it impact the chief information officer and the IT organization. This continues our exploration from last year.

We start by exploring the CDO role – what is a CDO? what do they do? what capabilities must they possess? Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent exploration on this topic. This survey talked with real life CDOs to understand the practical implementation of this role.

Defining the Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Case Study: How to Manage an Aging Workforce?

This case study explores the misalignment between organizational priorities and worker needs. Excellent discussion for the CIO who wants to understand how organizational success depends on bridging this gap, and how to bridge it.! (350+ pages)

CIO Survey (2018)

This annual survey tracks CIO priorities, trends, and opportunities. This year's theme is the evolution of the CIO role into a business leader driving digital transformation. Good discussion.

History of the CIO Role

This paper discusses the evolution of the CIO role over time and makes a prediction on its focus moving forward. 

e-Book: Spiritual Leadership

This document discusses the role religion and spirituality play in leadership effectiveness. Excellent discussion for the CIO to understand the connection between their personal beliefs and work life. (350 pages)