IT Budget

IT Budgeting Best Practices

Ideally, budgeting is part of an integrated performance management process and framework which is driven by value based metrics and shareholder value metrics. However, implementing these processes proves difficult for even the most accomplished organizations. This whitepaper provides guidance on best practices in budgeting – how to create an integrated performance management process driven by shareholder value. The advice is for the CFO but can be easily adapted for the CIO.

Performance Based IT Budgeting

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This whitepaper introduces performance budgeting and describes how to apply the "the methodologies, metrics, process, and systems used to monitor and manage the enterprise&rsquo;s business performance.&rdquo; Good introduction to PBB but it lacks depth.

Performance Based IT Financial Management

This presentation provides an in-depth primer on performance based IT financial management. The overarching goal of technology financial management is to provide an effective and efficient deployment of IT assets in support of IT services and capability. IT budgeting is part of this process. This discussion is on making this process accurate, transparent and predictable so outcomes are planned, controlled and deliver shareholder value. Excellent Read!

Budget for an IT Strategy

This guide discusses Budgeting for an IT Strategy with a focus on calculating the true total cost of an initiative.

Strategic IT Financial Management

This paper examines a strategic approach to financial management, why it is needed, and how such an approach leads to higher organizational performance by maximizing innovation.

A Holistic Approach to Managing Budgets

&#160;Cost management is still a top priority. However, making meaningful cost reduction without affecting performance is easier said than done. This article discusses "a structured and pragmatic approach to zero-basing can help achieve sustainable cost reduction while protecting key activities."

Defending the IT Budget

A very good case study on running it like a business, aligning business with IT and defending the IT budget on value not cost!

Is Shadow IT Out-of-Control?

Yankee Group calls it “consumerism” but this is old wine. Shadow IT has its pitfalls. Can you create a winning model that leverages its benefits?