IT investment management

Effective Strategic Decisions Factoring in Stakeholder Impact

What are the consequences of the decisions managers make? The market has both an input into decisions and is affected by them. So, how do we factor in this market/external feedback into our strategic decision making? The author explores, in depth, these issues to present several patterns or themes associated withmore effective strategic decision-making. (250 pages)

How Does IT Effect Strategic Decisions

This paper presents a framework for the effective use of Information Technology in strategic decision making and to assess its impact in resulting performance gain or loss. What role does IT play in managerial decisions? How can we use of IT for better strategic outcomes?

IT Project Business Justification Guide with Examples

This package contains a complete guide to information technology project business justification – with detailed guidance on feasibility analysis, economic justification, and special considerations – a template to create a business case, and detailed examples of this framework being used to justify major IT initiatives. Excellent Read!

ICT Investment Management Framework

This guide introduces an information technology investment and decision making framework to align ICT investments with business objectives. This framework also helps in building a culture of discipline and structured analysis for information systems and technology.

How to Develop a Business Case for IT Investments

This business case guide provides a template for managers to seek approval and support for IT investments. It provides the steps in the analysis required to ensure that IT investments are planned and documented – requirements are defined, performance metrics are identified, and program costs, benefits, and risks are well defined and understood prior to initiating an IT project.

IT Investment Business Case Guide

This guide focuses on creating a business case for a generic project peripheral to an IT investment. The guide helps understand what a Business Case is, when and how one should be produced, what should be included, as well as some of the tools and techniques that may be used to develop a Business Case. (100 pages)

Business Case Guide for IT Investments

This guide helps develop a business case for IT investments. It provides a structure for the decision-making process, and for presenting this information in a way that makes decision-making easier, and help secure commitment and engagement across the organization and ultimately lead to a greater chance of success for the project.

Guide to Business Case for IT Investments

This in-depth guide provides the process, templates, and guidance to create a business case for investments. The excellent discussion goes beyond financial considerations to include critical non-financial issues to consider when funding an investment. The emphasis is not on fulfilling an administrative mandate for approval of investments but to genuinely understand what it takes for an investment to succeed based upon fact and evidence. Excellent Read! (200 pages)

Strategic Business Case Template

This business case template is used to perform a strategic assessment or evaluation of a proposed IT investment or to build a strategic case for the investment. What is the strategic context and fit for the proposed investment? What is the need for change and how does this investment address it? What is the overall direction and structure of the proposed program and its implementation? This business case template can assist in an early detection of potential issues and therefore save the organization considerable time, effort and resources from being invested in the wrong program.

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