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CIO References on IT Strategy (information and communications technology strategy)

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Business IT Alignment
Business Strategy
IT Governance
Enterprise Architecture

Alternative Names for IT Strategy

Technology Strategy
Information Technology Strategic Planning
IT Strategic Planning
ICT Strategy
Information and Communications Technology Strategic Planning
ICT Strategic Planning

An Introduction to Balanced Scorecards (BSC)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Balanced Scorecard! Have you convinced your “financial types” on it? What do they think about the Balanced Scorecard? This primer on the Balanced Scorecard has been prepared by a controller for his peers. Read On…

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Five success factors in IT value management

<span class="Normal">This presentation documents the state of IT today – pretty sad commentary – or to be accurate in 2004 but I trust not much has changed since. It takes these facts and figures to build a case for the five critical success factors to manage IT for value.<br />

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Worldwide Frameworks to Measure IT Public Value

<span class="Normal">This paper presents an overview of some the more famous frameworks to measure IT’s public value. The surprise here is that these frameworks can be used by "for profit" corporations as well.<br />

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An Introduction to Earned Value Management System (EVMS)

<span class="Normal">This presentation provides an introduction to Earned Value Analysis. This short and sweet overview to Earned Value Analysis can help you get started and then you can get in-depth with Earned Value Analysis guide referenced below.<br /> </span>

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IT Strategy in the Boardroom

This study finds that "Many corporate boards now consider IT to be an untapped mine rich with possibilities for their companies’ future results." However, they do not know how to deal with "IT issues within the context of the board’s role and how to grapple with IT’s inherently complex nature and rapid pace of change." <br /> <br /> The value of this study, however, is in the "eight big ideas" that will help solve this problem.

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An Introduction to Balanced Scorecards (BSC)

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