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IT operations – Is it really a “Pipe” dream? – An integrated approach To Theory of constraints

Forces in today’s dynamic world are forcing leaders to think outside the box. IT must also sign up to this task. Is it time to break out of the traditional cycle of “one dimensional” thinking and action in IT?
IT professionals must redefine key processes, metrics and collect “multi dimensional” information in order to help ensure continuous creation of business value through IT infrastructure optimization, reliability, and performance.

Part VII: A Framework for IT Value

Last week, we focused on productivity and its impact on IT Value. This week, we will take a look at customer satisfaction and its impact on IT Value

A New Method for Quantifying IT Value

Applied Information Economics (AIE) is a method for quantifying the value of IT investments. This overview of AIE provides an overview of key IT decision problem, how AIE solves them and how AIE is different from other methods.

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Part II: A Framework for IT Value

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