A Framework for Managing IT

This white paper presents a framework to manage information technology efficiently and effectively. A good discussion for the CIO to follow to understand what drives IT value and how to build and deploy IT capability that creates this value. 

e-Business Risk

Many businesses and industries have been successful in spite of electronic commerce. However, their market shares are being eroded by either new entrants or established competitors with an electronic presence. The question has changed from, “Should we build a Web site?” to, “How can we integrate our overall business strategy with the evolving reality of the Internet?” Managers must bow to the inevitable, the juggernaut of electronic business. The key issue, then, is how to best manage the transition from “bricks and mortar” to “clicks and mortar.”

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Lessons Learned

While the risk in a project or initiative cannot be eliminates, can it be reduced? Understanding common causes of project failure and planning to overcome them can indeed increase chances of success. This paper helps you understand the root causes of project failure and guidance on possible solutions. Excellent advice on improving PPM effectiveness.

IT Governance Maturity Assessment Using COBIT

This case study details the use of COBIT IT Governance Framework to assess the effectiveness of technology governance implementation in an enterprise. The framework was used to assess the maturity of IT governance which can be used to create a plan to close gaps, and fix errors so the most effective IT governance structure and processes are implemented. 

Case Study: Implementing IT Governance Using COBIT

This paper discusses the key elements of implementing information technology governance using COBIT. A surface scan of COBIT implementation, at best, but a good place for a CIO to get an overview of what to expect. 

CIO Survey: Enterprise Mobility Trends

This survey of technology executives tries to identify trends in enterprise mobility and to understand their implications on strategy for the adoption of mobile technology in the enterprise. It found that significant gaps remain between the acknowledged need for mobility and its understanding and adoption within business. How do CIOs bridge this gap?

Step-By-Step Guide to IT Strategic Planning

This series of 21 presentations will help you understand the big-picture of the step-by-step strategic analysis process used to create competitive advantage. This process can be adapted to your specific situation to create an IT strategy that leverages IT to create competitive advantage. Running IT like a business and positioning the CIO as a business leader. Excellent Read!

Strategic IT

This paper discusses how IT can transform beyond the traditional view of IT as an enabler – systems, data, and infrastructure that support business operations – to a strategic enabler and driver of competitive advantage. IT is a strategic weapon whose mastery is an imperative for business to not just survive but also to succeed in today's dynamic business climate. This point is illustrated with the help of examples of strategic applications of information technology used by many companies.

Business Capability Management Toolkit

This comprehensive guide and toolkit takes a holistic view of organizational performance and proposes a framework to create capabilities to drive it. Often, we miss the forest for the trees by focusing on only one aspect or capability of performance or value. Strategy or process or organization but rarely on all. This toolkit fixes that issue and will help your organization create sustainable results.