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Improving the Stage Gate

The criticism against traditional stage gate process is that it is inflexible, overly complicated, and bureaucratic. The three things that are known innovation killers. So, how does one use this invaluable innovation implementation tool from killing what it is designed to help? A few tweaks can make all the difference in the world.

Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to a new framework for stage gate. It makes this iconic process nimble, simple, and smooth. CIOs will gain from this framework because what you do all day is innovate, not just support the business in innovation!

e-Book: A New Framework for the Stage Gate Method

Stage Gate Review: Evaluate Business Case

The second review or gate evaluates the investment program's business case for compliance and feasibility – will it work? will it deliver promised results? – or in other words is this promise too good to be true? This review ensures key stakeholder support and buy-in to the program, tight coupling of the program and business objectives, and a thorough review of the cost, benefits and risks identified in the business case for accuracy, and completeness.

Stage Gate Review: Define Build or Buy Plan

This third review or gate defines a clear plan for program implementation taking into account the vendor and supplier market and aligning it with project needs – are we ready for program implementation? are we ready for supplier/vendor participation? do we have a robust build or buy strategy and plan? At this review, an evaluation of assumptions and parameters of a business case is also revisited.

Stage Gate Review: Confirm Purchasing Readiness

This fourth review or gate builds upon the build versus buy strategy by confirming that the project is still required, affordable and achievable, and making sure that before any work is awarded to an implementation partner that their selection is based upon a robust analysis – they are worthy and capable of delivering results before they are engaged.

Stage Gate Review: Assess Organizational Readiness

This fifth review or gate assesses organizational readiness for change, confirms the proposed solution's applicability and robustness, operational budgets are in place, and a process to measure results after implementation.

Stage Gate Review: Confirm Benefit Realization

This sixth review or gate confirms if the program is delivering promised benefits. This review is conducted post implementation or at specific decision points after implementation has commenced. It may be repeated after implementation is completed and throughout the service life of the implemented solution. Lessons learned are applied to future investments to further hone in successful policies, processes and practices.

Stage Gate Review Guide

This stage gate review guide provides an overview of a step by step process to assess investment projects and programs for compliance and meaningful progress. This review process comprises of several steps – one each at a critical decision point. The guide describes each step, the purpose and an overview of its execution.

Stage Gate Review: Assess Investment Program Strategy

This first review or gate in the state gate review answers the question: How does this investment and its implementation program fit into our overall strategy? The response confirms that the program has merit in context, has been selected based upon thorough analysis and research, and is feasible i.e. can be implemented to achieve results.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Stage Gate Review Process

This guide presents a step by step process to embed stage gates into your program delivery. It describes the purpose of each stage gate review and the key questions that must be asked and answered before the program is allowed to proceed.

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