Big Data

Big Data Action Plan

This paper defines big data, describes the critical role of enterprise architecture planning in successfully meeting business objectives in implementing big data and presents an action plan to harness the power of big data now and in the future.

Making Sense of Big Data

This volume contains a series of articles on big data. 1) How to tap into the power of big data? 2) Tools and Technologies for Big Data 3) CIO Playbook for Big Data

Big Data Analytics

This research report digs into big data to provide the reader with a solid background on the topic of big data analytics, including business and technology&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">drivers, successful business use cases, and common technology enablers. The report also uses survey data to project the future of the most common tool types, features, and functions associated with big data analytics, so users can apply this information to planning their own programs and technology stacks for big data analytics.</span>

Big Data Analytics Guide

Big Data analytics guide outlines the business case for big data, technology innovations, real-world examples, and insights from analytic leaders who are on the forefront of the Big Data market, and interesting market research statistics that highlight how C-level executives are using Big Data now and their plans for using it to their advantage in the future.

Big Data Intermediaries?

This white paper explores the emerging role of intermediaries in turbo charging the potential of big data. What are the wider implications of big data? what is the benefit implementing big data? what are the issues implementing big data? how can informediaries enhance the potential of big data?

Big Data Primer

This document provides an overview of big data, and discusses implementation considerations for its adoption in the enterprise. An excellent guide for the CIO who is about to embark on the big data journey and she who is already neck deep but wants to get a better perspective. Excellent Read!

Impact of Big Data

This report defines big data and describes its characteristics, discusses the need for big data governance, and makes recommendations for big data usage for public sector organizations.

A Practical Guide to Big Data

This white paper provides a definition of big data, discusses the opportunities presented by big data, describes a search engine focused technology architecture and tool kit for big data, and illustrates practical application of big data through case studies.

Demystifying Big Data

This guide approaches big data from a public/government enterprise perspective. It defines big data. Discusses its mission and value. Provides case studies on the use

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