Big Data

Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop

This whitepaper introduces big data analytics – what is big data? what is big data analytics? why use big data analytics? what is Hadoop? how to use Hadoop? – and describes the emerging technologies, with a focus on Hadoop, used for big data analytics, and a step-by-step process to getting started on your big data analytics journey using Hadoop.

What is Big Data?

An excellent introduction to big data from an implementation perspective. Great discussion for the CIO!

Big Data Analytics For Business Value

This research explores how businesses are using big data analytics to create business value – converting information into insights and value. It determined that top performers view big data as a differentiator, there are three levels of big data competency, and proposes a new methodology for business leaders to use big data analytics for business value.

Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture

The authors contend that big data has not lived up to its potential because we are still applying old techniques to this new problem. They propose a reference architecture that will unleash the full power of big data and cloud computing. This Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture is discussed at length in this paper.

Big Data Security

This whitepaper discusses the new security challenges introduced by big data and proposes a solution to address them.

The Opportunities and Challenges of Big Data

The authors – leading researchers – paint a picture of great gains from big data adoption but warn the reader of the challenges that must be overcome to get to that pot of gold. A good discussion on big data,

Introduction to Big Data

This quick introduction to big data provides answers to three simple questions: what is big data? why use big data? how to use big data to create business value? This is a good starting point to your big data journey.

Business Application of Cloud Computing

This presentation discusses cloud computing concepts, demonstrates cloud capabilities, introduces big data concepts and underlying technologies, and explores real world business application and issues with cloud computing to give the reader a flavor for the application of cloud to business.

Demystifying Big Data

This guide approaches big data from a public/government enterprise perspective. It defines big data. Discusses its mission and value. Provides case studies on the use of big data. Discusses the technology architecture and tools used to implement big data. Designs the path forward for public organizations on the use of big data.

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