Cloud Computing

An Open Architecture For Cloud Computing

This presentation presents an architecture for cloud computing based upon Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Virtualization. Good Discussion for the CIO to understand how to create a dynamic infrastructure built upon the cloud. (50 Pages)

Introduction to Cloud Computing

This presentation provides an overview of cloud computing and discusses issues related to its integration and governance. Excellent Read!

Strategic Planning for Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is among the top items on a CIOs agenda. Understanding what cloud computing is, what it can do for your enterprise, and how to implement it efficiently are the questions on every CIOs mind. This indepth e-book can help create a strategy, and migration plan for cloud computing in the enterprise.

Cloud Computing Architecture

This e-book explains cloud computing architecture and deployment models to help implement cloud computing in your organization.

Cloud Computing Risks

This presentation discusses the risks inherent in a cloud computing implementation, and ways to mitigate them.

Primer on Cloud Computing

This in depth primer on cloud computing will help the CIO understand cloud computing concepts, develop a strategy for cloud computing, and migrate to the cloud across the enterprise. This is an excellent source for the CIO to get started on the cloud computing journey. (100 pages)

Create a Cloud Computing Implementation Road Map

This paper recommends a roadmap for cloud computing implementation laying out the steps, and at each the objectives, challenges, skills, and competencies, and metrics to measure progress. Use this roadmap to understand the cloud computing journey, and chart out a course for your IT Organization. 

Cloud Computing Competencies

This paper lays out the core competencies required for successful implementation of a cloud computing capability. It explains what they are, and why they are needed. Use this paper to understand the skills your cloud computing team needs, the gaps that exist with your current teams' competencies, then create a plan to acquire, and deploy these competencies along the cloud computing roadmap.

Cloud Computing Metrics

This paper suggest key performance indicators for cloud computing that help measure progress along the way. Metrics are critical on the Cloud Computing journey because they help you, your team, and key stakeholders understand the progress made along the roadmap. Success is important, clear, and transparent means of verifying it are priceless! Use this paper to understand how to measure success, and create KPIs that work in your environment – what they are, how will you collect information to enable them, and the hooks at each stage of the roadmap that must be baked in before your start!

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