eBusiness 101

CIOs Guide to e-Business Strategy

This guide to e-business strategy will help you understand the key drivers behind the digital revolution, imperative for changing your organizational strategy, and IT capability to adapt, and implications on the systems, and technologies in the enterprise. If you are a CIO wondering about how to cope with the challenges of the oncoming, and ever increasing e-business tsunami, this guide will help you create a plan of action! Excellent Read! (500+ pages)

e-Book: The Complete Guide to e-business Strategy

This in-depth e-book walks you through the key steps in the formulation and implementation of an e-Business strategy. It also provides case studies to illustrate key e-strategy concepts. Excellent Read! (500 pages)

Creating an e-Business Strategy

This guide provides a simple introduction to e-business and provides practical guidance on developing an e-business strategy – if you are getting started with e-business, then this is a good document to read.

How Business Uses Social Media

This research report explores the use of social media for business use to find that "there remains a significant gap between expectation and reality when it comes to social media."

e-Payments Primer

This primer introduces e-payments – what is electronic funds transfer? what are the various types of electronic payments, and how do they work? what are some common applications that enable electronic payments? how do payment cards work? how do payment systems work? what are the benefits and challenges in electronic commerce?

Guide to Web 2.0 Engagement

This guide – written for state government employees – provides principles, processes and tools as a starting point for making online engagement work in a web 2.0 environment. There are no checklists – this Guide offers a basic walkthrough of the issues and risks associated with online engagement.

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