eBusiness Operations

CIO’s Guide to Winning Customer Experience

Expert opinions, examples, and best practices to help the CxO build an enterprise that can not only compete but also dominate its industry through a differentiated customer experience.

e-Book: e-Business Operating Model

This e-book discusses the requirements for a new operating model for digital transformation and how to implement it effectively and efficiently.

Implementing e-Business Systems

This presentation introduces analysis, design and implementation of e-business systems. It discusses the approaches to analyze requirements for e-business applications and systems, explores design for secure e-commerce systems, identifies risks and mitigation in implementing e-business projects and describes the techniques to measure the effectiveness of a website. (39 slides)

Introduction to e-Procurement

This presentation discusses the impact of internet related systems and technologies on the supply chain of an organization and helps devise a strategy to adapt the supply chain – and procurement – to leverage the capability presented by digital technology. The author identifies the key elements of a supply chain and their relationship to value chain and value networks, discusses how IT enables and affects these elements of the supply chain, explores the benefits and challenges of e-procurement, analyzes the roi of e-procurement alternatives, and assesses the approaches to integrate an organizations supply chain with that of its key suppliers and vendors. (27 Slides)

Introduction to E-Business Infrastructure

This presentation discusses e-Business infrastructure – hardware, software and content needed to provide e-business enabled services to customers, employees and partners. A very technical discussion on the various technologies used to power the net, and issues surrounding the governance of the net are also discussed. (53 slides)