Born Again Corporations

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When it comes to governance, an apology is a good thing. Its impact however depends on its sincerity!

It happens.

Michael Vick – ex-falcons quarterback – likes to torture dogs. He met Jesus recently as he was putting in a guilty plea. As expected, the good lord does visit the scum to help them through what they have done to others – in this case hapless animals who never did anything to Mr. Vick. One must applaud Mr. Vick’s newfound piety but it would have helped had he sought the good lord before starting his gulag in West Virginia.

Senator Vitter is a “family values” man. Only his family values are cheating on his wife with prostitutes. Prostitution is illegal in this country so Mr. Vitter may have also broken the law. His piety awoke when he got caught in the DC Madam scandal. If Mrs. Vitter is a woman of her word then by now Mr. Vitter is “member less”, if you know what I mean. One can only expect a “humbled” – in all senses of the word – Mr. Vitter getting his “massage” at home and keeping his hypocrisy there as well.

To borrow his own words, Larry Craig “has been a bad boy. He has been a naughty boy. He has been a nasty, naughty, bad boy.” You see, the Senator from Idaho is also a “family values” champion. His family values are on display in public rest rooms soliciting other men. Unfortunately, in a Wisconsin airport restroom he solicited an undercover officer. Then, after almost a month of being booked, he pleaded guilty to the charges. He is cheating on his wife and being a hypocrite bashing gays while being one himself. And the cherry on top? Breaking the law? Not really. Mr. Craig shamelessly stands there, in the face of overwhelming evidence, and presents defenses – one more preposterous than the other!

These cases are many and they will continue till we launch a war on hypocrisy. (if there is any money to be made, you know who will sign up immediately!)

Well, some corporations have their own awakening after their stock plunges 28% because of bad governance. Meinl Land did not disclose stock buybacks in advance and investors punished them where it hurts the most – the pocket book!
Now, the company is going to improve governance and transparency. Their new spokesperson? They have a choice between Mr. Vick, Mr. Vitter or Mr. Craig.

Coincidentally, they are all going to be looking for a new gig soon.

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