e-Book: Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Enterprise

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How does artificial intelligence help with digital disruption?

Digital Transformation is the imperative for businesses across the board. The question is: what role does the CIO play? As we discuss that question, we cannot let our eye off the ball with an even more pressing question: how to create a roadmap for digital transformation? Fortunately, there is a wealth of good analysis and advice.

This week, we start a series that covers the key aspects of the digital journey. CIOs can use this to understand what is happening around then or better yet take the lead in creating a roadmap for Digital Transformation for their enterprise. The first question answers itself!

Our journey starts at the intersection of a key technology and digital disruption namely, artificial intelligence. AI is turbo charing digital disruption and it is a must for CIOs to understand its impact on business – from models to implementation and everything in between.

e-Book: Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Enterprise 

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