CIO’s Guide to Enterprise Architecture Planning

This in-depth guide to enterprise architecture planning provides guidance on almost all aspects of designing, and implementing an enterprise architecture. What is enterprise architecture planning? Why is enterprise architecture planning important? What are some common enterprise architecture frameworks? How to implement enterprise architecture step-by-step? What is enterprise architecture governance? How to implement enterprise architecture governance? What are the key roles in enterprise architecture? (300 Pages)

Enterprise Performance Life Cycle Framework

This document provides an overview of the Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) framework developed by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) . This document identifies the ten phases of the EPLC and describes the associated responsibilities, activities, exit criteria, deliverables and reviews associated with each phase.

Commission Enterprise IT Architecture Framework V1.0

This document explains the different components of the architectural framework: the organisation, processes and architectural standards involved. It tries to answer the question: what is the Commission Enterprise IT Architecture Framework and what can/must I do to use this framework.

HHS Enterprise Architecture Framework

This document provides an overview of the framework used to structure the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) Enterprise Architecture Repository. This Overview describes the key concepts of enterprise architecture modeling and how they are applied to the HHS initiative.

ISE Enterprise Architecture Framework V2

This ISE EAF Version 2.0 supersedes ISE EAF Version 1.0 issued August 2007. This newest version of the ISE EAF provides additional structured descriptions of the ISE’s associated business processes, information flows and relationships, services, and high-level data packet descriptions and exchange relationships.