it organizational structure

Designing the IT Organization of the Future

This presentation describes the drivers of business change, how they will affect the design of the IT organization, and how to use service management principles to create an effective organization that delivers business value. Excellent Read! 

A Seat at the Table for the CIO

CIOs are being asked to become business leaders – is today's CIO ready to handle P&L responsibility? Can a CIO effectively serve on a corporate board? Are CIO's peers ready to accept them as equals? Are CIOs represented on Boards and Committees? These and other questions were posed to CIOs to get their view on the shape of their existence and the path forward. Excellent survey and discussion.

Is IT Organization Design Hindering Value?

Is legacy IT Organization design preventing value creation? A separate IT unit was good in the past to gain efficiencies managing IT resources. Increasingly, it is not IT resources but knowledge that drives organizational performance – IT helps in managing this knowledge which is spread across the organization and beyond. So, how can an IT silo be effective? The author makes a strong case for the boundry-less IT Organization that is enmeshed with the boundryless business of the 21st century.

The Science of Structure

Structure defines an organization chart, people's jobs, and how work flows across the organization. A poorly designed organizational structure can pit people against one another, send people many directions at once, expect the unreasonable, undermine teamwork, destroy customer focus, and reduce professional competence.

Skills Framework for the Information Age 5

This guide presents version 5 of The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) – SFIA provides a language that is the foundation for consistent, unambiguous and clear definitions of IT based skills.

Successful IT Organizations

This presentation discusses the key elements, a maturity model, and key performance metrics to monitor and control a successful IT organization.

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